Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine


When it comes to the treatment of migraine the treatment is provided to meet the following objectives:

a)Reduction in the frequency of attacks

b)Reduction in the severity of the attacks

c)Providing permanent cure to the disease

All these three aspects are taken care of during our treatment of Migraine patients. The Vatta Pacifying medications provide immediate pain relief to the patient so that the patient taking treatment from us experience an immediate reduction in the severity of pain that they experience during the attacks.

The Vatta Pacifying medications increase the elasticity of all the blood vessels of the body so that the blood vessels of our brain which are otherwise believed to have an abrupt increase in the blood supply during the migraine attack are elastic enough to maintain a normal consistent blood supply so that the patient gets a reduction in the frequency of the attacks.

The anti stress, adaptogenic, brain nourishing, antidepressant effects of the unique herbal combinations used by us in the name of Braino A and Braino R, when taken regularly for few months along with the recommended lifestyle changes, provide a migraine free healthy life to the patients.


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