Ayurvedic Treatment for Apasmara/Akshepaka

Apasmara(Epilepsy) disease which comes under Manasika Vikara, is explained by Maharishi Charak in his text: Charaka Samhita. Very beautifully in Chapter 8th of Nidanasthana, he explains about Apasmara as disease pertaining to Manas (Mind) which means : Ap-Loss of Consciousness
Smara-Smriti(Memory), Dhi(Intelligence), Dhriti (Retention)

Apsamara/Akshepaka, when taken into consideration with respect to Modern Science can be roughly correlated with Epilepsy.

The word Epilepsy is derived from Greek word "Epilepsia" which means "to hold" or "to seize", this disease is of Central Nervous System, which directly affects the brain and its function, causing an imbalance of Neurotransmitters and leading to involuntary actions of body, followed with a loss of consciousness

Nidana(Causative Factors of Apasmara)
All these factors are mainly responsible for aggravating doshas and causing apasmara
Viruddha Ahara(Having Unwholesome food)
Ratrijagrana(being awakened at night)

After the causes mentioned above,Tridoshas(vata, pitta and kapha) gets aggravated and gets accumulated in the brain, and based on dosha involvement causes the symptoms

Types of Apasmara
According to Ayurveda, Apasmara is classified into 4 types:-
1. Vataj
2. Pittaj
3. Kaphaj
4. Sannipataj(Involvement of one or two doshas)

Lakshan of Apasmara(Symptoms)
Patient suffering with Apasmara(Epilepsy) face various symptoms based on dosha involved, but majorly as mentioned below-
-Loss of consciousness
-Tongue biting
-Locked jaw and
-Deviation of eyes
-Dripping of Saliva

These symptoms of the patient are seen incase of Attack Phase which persists from few seconds to few minutes

For all these symptoms we do provide the best treatment for Apasmara/Epilepsy
1. Akshepak Shaman(Anti Epileptic)
2. Medhya Rasayana(Rejuvanative Medicines)
3. Sangya Sthapan Drugs(Brings back the consciousness)