Today in Modern Era, when every person is prone to tension, stress, worries, sadness, anxiety and collects heaps of emotions in his heart without expressing it out later in life suffer from Epilepsy.

Parameters in Modern Science are various kind to identify this disease like a Neurological examination, Behaviour, Motor abilities, Mental function and other areas to diagnose the disease. Starting with the most common test.

  1. CBC Test- Complete Blood Count
  2. EEG-Electro Encephalography
  3. MRI-Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  4. CT Scan- Computed Tomography
  5. fMRI-Functional Magnetic Resonance
  6. PET SCAN- Positron Emission Tomography
  7. SPECT-Single photon emission computerized tomography
  8. Neurological Test

But long back when we never had any Medical Equipments and Acharya's in Ayurveda used to identify the patients and their ailments with their Gyanindriyas(Knowledge senses).
By Tri Vidha(Three types), Astha Vidha(Eight Types) and Dash Vidha(Ten types) of examination.

TriVidha Pariksha(Three types)-

  1. Darshana(Visual Observation)
  2. Sparshna(Tactile perception)
  3. Prashna(Questions)

And also by Ashtha Vidha and Dus Vidha Pariksha and by doing Mutravidha Pariksha, In Ayurveda, we diagnose the Epilepsy and different the disease into Vataj, Pittaj, Kaphaj and Sannipataj and according to the symptoms we proceed for the treatment.