Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility

Ayurveda believes that we should be very cautious towards the well being of our body and our foremost motive should be to strive for the well being of our body and we shall continuously indulge in the procedures which are helpful in promoting the well being. This concern for the well being of our body is shown because ayurveda believes that for the achievement of ultimate motive of human life we need to be healthy. There are three main motives of life which a person strives to achieve as per ayurveda:

In ayurveda ,we will work on the three aspects of the male and female in which all the thing are covered under these three aspects in which we enhance the quality of SHUKRA(male sperm count) with the RASAYAN AUSHDIYAN , ARTAVAM (BEEJ )OR OVUM of the female and KSHETRA (UTERUS) of the female which becomes more suitable for the conception.

A) Sukra: Shukra Dhatu is considered to be the main Dhatu responsible for conception from the male counterpart. Sperm count of a male is a part of this Dhatu only. With the help of our unique herbal combinations we enhance the quality of Shukra Dhatu making it more suitable for conception. We will work on the dhatus (ras, rakht, mas , medh, asthi, majha, shukra) in ancient times when you see that in mahabharata we see that the kauravas have more than 100 sons because they followed the ayurveda siddhanth and use natural herbs.

In "Shastras" their was a "Shlok"


B) Artavam: Artavam covers the various aspects required for conception from the various counterparts. With the help of our combinations we are able to provide cure to various gynaecological conditions responsible for infertility. And in the patients who are otherwise normal our combinations enhance the quality of Beeja(ovum) of the female, making it more suitable for conception.

In this aspect we covers all the things which is required to be done for helping the females suitable for conception.

C) Kshetra: Kshetra is the uterus of the mother where the conception is to occur. Our combinations make the uterus more better prepared for conception and retaining the foetus.

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