Ashwagandha and its Role in Epilepsy

Ashwagandha is the most powerful and magical herb in Ayurveda which is mainly used for the treatment of Neurological Disorders along with that researchers shows that it helps in treating Infertility.

Ashwagandha this name got its derivation from Sanskrit, which literally means the smell of the horse. And ashwagandha roots possess this property which makes it easy to differentiate from other drugs

Botanical Name: Withania Somnifera Dunal


Synonyms in Sanskrit- Hayagandha, Turagnagandha, Vajigandha, Vajikari

Vernacular Names-
Telgu-Panneru gadda
English-Winter Cherry

Ashwagandha herb is a small evergreen shrub, found in India and the Middle East of Africa and possess the below-mentioned qualities:
Rasa (Taste):Katu(Pungent),Tikhta(Bitter),Kashaya(Astringent)
Veerya(Potency): Ushna(Hot)
Vipaka(End Product):Katu(Pungent)
Effect on Tridosha: Vatakapha pacifier

Part Used: Roots and Leaves

Health Benefits:
Balya(Strengthing) Rasayani(Rejuvenator) Kasam Hanti(Pacifies Kapha) Vranam Hanti(Heals Wound) Shopha-Kanduharam(Reduces Swelling and itching)

According to Researchers:
Ashwagandha has properties which balance the Neurotransmitters and thus reduces anxiety, nervousness and induce sleep by relaxing and nourishing the mind and also reduces convulsions and acts as anti-epileptic herb.