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Anemia Treatment: Treat Anemia Naturally with Ayurveda

Blood is Life, Growth, Health, and Fitness.
Strengthen & Nourish Your Blood Tissue
With the "Raktavardhaka" Herbs

Dr. Navdeep Sharma
(Globally-Renowned Ayurvedic Healer)

In Ayurveda, anemia is correlated with Pandu Roga. This disease causes a reduction in red blood cells (RBCs)/ hemoglobin that occur due to the vitiation of Pitta Dosha. Such vitiations hinder the healthy blood formation (Rakta Dhatu). This medical condition decreases the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and leads to pallor skin, shortness of breath, persistent fatigue, palpitations, and yellowish discoloration of the urine. Click to Read More....

Often, the nutritional deficiency of iron & minerals causes this medical condition. Sometimes, liver/bone marrow disorders can also be the leading cause of the decreased RBCs production. Read Less....

Anemia treatment in Ayurveda: Natural anemia therapy

Natural therapies of Ayurveda focus on proper dietary habits, Yoga, Pranayama along with time-tested authentic herbs to treat anemia naturally.

Ayurvedic airthritis Treatment

Blood enhancement (Raktavardhaka) herbs are effective in restoring the composition of blood. Natural ingredients of such Raktavardhaka herbs clear out the toxins from the blood circulatory channels (Raktvaha Strotas) to restore the natural pace of RBC production. Click to Read More....

These herbs potentially restore hemoglobin levels by maintaining the body pH to restore the alkalinity which boosts up the production of red blood cells. The natural anemia management targets this deficiency with anemia treatment supplements to naturally enhance the RBC production. These herbs have been proved to be beneficial in treating aplastic anemia, hemolytic anemia & iron deficiency anemia etc. For instance, natural therapy for aplastic anemia treatment stimulates bone marrow functions that strengthens the immune system and results in an increase of blood count. It treats the conditions like pancytopenia, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia etc. as well. Read Less....

Herbs for the natural treatment of Anemia

Bhringraj -It supports the healthy functioning of the liver by promoting digestion and preventing toxins (Ama) accumulation in the body. It increases the hemoglobin in blood which naturally increases the oxygen-carrying capacity to treat anemia. Click to Read More....

Chirayita - Its extract promotes the formation of new red blood cells. It also has various other valuable properties such as hepato-protective, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant etc. Hence, it neutralizes the toxins and prevents the excessive destruction of red blood cells.
Bhumiamalaki - It is well-known for its immuno-modulatory actions. It protects the hepatic parenchyma and removes all harmful substances from the liver & imparts cooling effects to pacify the Pitta Dosha. It is a rejuvenator for the liver. It pacifies the Pitta and fortifies healthy production of bile. It acts as immuno-modulators and enhances the body strength as well as vitality against weakness during anemic conditions.
Kalmegh- This herb consists of a wide variety of anti-oxidants which enhances the humoral and cell-mediated immune response, phagocytosis-index, and leucocyte count etc. It also acts as a potent immunomodulator and hepato-protective herb. This herb has been in extensive use for centuries to treat blood-related disorders.
Guduchi - The ingredients derived from this plant can modulate the immune system through the activation of macrophages. Such immunomodulatory activity of Guduchi herb leads to leukocytosis and improved neutrophil function. It is a highly potent herb for the treatment of aplastic anemia.
Ayurvedic airthritis Treatment
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"Supports the liver for RBC production and absorption of iron."

  • Supports bone marrow to produce red blood cells.
  • Enhances the oxygen-carrying capability of blood.
  • Boosts up the immune system to prevent hemolysis.
  • Promotes absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract.

Our research scholars have pioneered the anciently renowned Ayurvedic principles for treating all types of anemia and its associated complications. Such methods have been widely appreciated for neutralizing all kinds of toxins and removing harmful substances from the liver and body to enhance RBC production. Click to Read More....

Our unique blood enhancement (Raktavardhaka) natural therapies & anemia care plans include various aspects such as anemia in pregnancy, anemia in babies, anemia and periods, anemia and fever, anemia treatment diet, & anemia treatment home remedies. The natural extract of these herbs enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood by naturally improving the hemoglobin constitution within the blood. Read Less....

Diet for Anemia

  • Include dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, collard, kale, fenugreek leaf, & carrot etc. in your diet.
  • Include Vitamin C-rich diets like oranges, red peppers, and strawberries. This helps in absorption of iron.
  • Add foods like soy and its products, fortified juices, eggs, meat fish, etc. to your diet.
  • Include whole grain cereals and pulses like kidney beans, chickpea, soybeans, lima beans etc. in your diet.
  • Avoid coffee, tea, and foods that have high oxalates/calcium.

Pranayama for Anemia / Yoga Asana for Anemia /Exercises for Anemia

Ujjayi, Auloma Viloma, Kapalabhati - Yoga & Pranayama helps in naturally increasing RBC count. With regular practice, these three Pranayama improve the functioning of the entire circulatory system to overcome anemia. Click to Read More....

Sarvangasana, Paschimottanasana, Vipirita Karani Mundra -All these poses redirect the flow of blood from feet to heart against gravity for detoxification. These also help to promote the flow of oxygenated blood in the body.
Walking And ADL's - Mild walking and activities of daily living can be done by anemic patients. However, parameters like saturation & heart rate should be monitored while performing the same. Read Less....

Anemia Treatment: Treat anemia naturally with Ayurveda

Anemia Treatment in Ayurveda: Natural anemia therapy

Herbs for the natural treatment of Anemia

Diet for Anemia

Pranayama for Anemia / Yoga Asana for Anemia /Exercises for Anemia
Blood enhancement (Raktavardhaka) natural therapies & anemia care plans
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