Ayurvedic Treatment can help

If you are trying hard to cope-up with your Autistic Child than Ayurveda treatment will help you. Yes, there are number of herbs, panchkarma therapies and products as Ayurvedic solutions for Autism.

Herbs for Autism:

The herbs which are used in combination for Autism patients are:

  • Brahmi
  • Shankpushpi
  • Kushmand (Petha)
  • Vacha
  • Chorak
  • Sarpagandha

Brahmi is a standout herb for the nervous system, which stimulates brain functioning and treats problems related to the nervous system. It is exceptionally high in B-complex vitamins especially B1, B2 and B6, all of which are indispensable for the requisite functioning of the nervous system. Triterpene is an active compound found in Brahmi which leaves a balancing effect on connecting tissues by improving the functioning and integrity of the collagen matrix. Shankushpi and Chorak supports the ground substance, the basic glue that holds the cell of our bodies together. Kushmand (Petha) is used to foster circulation, especially in the blood vessels of the skin and mucous membranes. Vacha and Sarpagandha are a rejuvenating herb for the nerves and the brain.

Panchkarma therapies for Autism:

The ancient Ayurvedic Panchkarma treatment, now globally accepted, is a miraculous ritual that is profoundly nourishing and enriching and purifying practice. It is vital for our holistic health and wellness - of Body, Mind and Soul.

Panchkarma, a five-fold therapy, is one of the critical processes in Ayurveda used to cleanse the body of toxic materials. The treatment basically involves daily massages, herbal oil baths, herbal enemas, nasal administrations - a rejuvenating experience, by maintaining a good physical hygiene and mental balance.

The therapies that are helpful in caring for Autism patients along with medication include Shirodhara, Marma massage and Nasya.

Ayurveda products for Autism:

1. Cephala Go

  • Improves intelligence & learning capabilities
  • Enhances brain activity
  • Natural memory enhancer
  • Supports learning & speech

2. Nirogam Braino R

  • Removes toxins that can block mental abilities
  • Pacifies excessive Vata in the nervous system
  • Treats memory loss, memory fatigue, anxiety, & depression

3. Nirogam Braino A

  • Support all aspects of mental performance, including memory, concentration, and learning capacity.
  • Sharpen the mind and is useful for those prone to forgetfulness, confusion or indecisiveness.

These way Ayurveda solutions can provide lot many benefits to your Autistic child and help overcome the problem, up to great extent.