Eye contact in Autism

The fact that individuals with autism avoid eye contact has been widely researched. At first, it was thought that the failure of eye contact resulted from lack of interest.

However, studies revealed that avoiding the practice is not a sign of “not caring”. This was also found in the statements of individuals with autism who had difficulty in making eye contact.

For individuals with typical development, avoiding eye contact is generally deemed as a sign of social indifference. However, many autistic people indicate that eye contact causes them discomfort and stress.

They claim that it is difficult and unnatural for them to express their feelings over anxiety. Studies looked into the source of the behavior to determine whether this is caused by the sensation itself or due to social delays.

Lack of eye contact in autistic individuals was found to be a response to an uncomfortable sensation the individual felt. This behavior is determined to be a way to decrease the unpleasing excessive arousal that is caused by this part of the brain.

By itself, lack of eye contact should not be considered as a certain symptomatic of autism spectrum disorder. There may be infants who may not make eye contact, but in general react to faces and turn their faces towards the others’ face.

However, since early and intensive intervention and therapies are the best option for autism, the caregivers may want to investigate the if the child is under three, does not make eye contact, and has social communication delays.

Also, children with autism may fail to respond to their names, have repetitive and restricted behaviors. At this point, you may want to contact a developmental pediatrician or child psychologist to conduct an evaluation.

Autism is a temporary phase in the life of a child, which can be treated with the combination of Ayurveda and psychotherapy.

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