Panchagavya Ghrita

(Charka Chiktisthanam)

Panchagavya ghrita is widely used Ghee based Ayurveda Herbal Formulation,mentioned by Charaka Maharishi in our ancient text Charaka Samhita in Chikitsa Sthana,containing Phyto-active principle of Medicinal herbs which helps in handling the patients suffering from various disease and specially in Epilepsy(Apasmara).

This Formulation-can also be prepared at home having 5 main ingredients in your hand-

  1. Go-shakrut- Cow Dung( Freshly collected).
  2. Go-mutram-Cow's urine-(Freshly collected.)
  3. Go-dadhi-Curd made out of Cow's milk(Freshly collected-Boiled, Cooled and fermented one night before)
  4. Go-dugdam-Milk collected from Cow( Freshly collected-Boiled and Cooled)
  5. Go-ghritam-Ghee made out of Cow's milk


  1. Firstly collect 500 gms of cow dung and mix it with 500 ml of water and let it rest for a few hours
  2. After that, strain the water properly and collect the filtered water and mix all these above-mentioned ingredients in the same quantity of 500 ml and mix them well.
  3. Keep these ingredients on fire and start stirring slowly
  4. Make sure it is stirred well till the particles get separated, and you can see small tiny particles in ghee which is considered as Mridu Paka and can be administered internally for Nasyam
  5. For Consuming it, the ghee should be cooked well till it reaches to Madhyam Paka and starts settling down on the vessel
  6. Once the ghee is prepared it should be carefully transferred to an airtight container

Effect on Tridoshas-Calms Pitta and Kapha Shamakam

Internal usage-1-2 tsp depending on the condition followed with a cup of warm water

Nasyam-2 drops in each nostril

Shelf Life-4-6 weeks


  • Neurological Disorders-Apasmara(Epilepsy), Insanity, Jwara(Fever)
  • It is also used in all liver disorders
  • Psychiatric Condition
  • Blood Disorders
  • Removes Dullness and effect of the poison
  • Acts as Rasayan