Positive Reinforcement In Autism

Positive reinforcement is a part of treatment of autism. Moreover, a part of ABA therapy, used widely and effectively in the management of autism.

ABA- Applied Behavior Analysis revolves around using rewards and incentives to motivate kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder to act in a desirable way and, at the same time avoid problematic behavior.

ABA therapy relies on ABC model for behavior modification.
That is:
1. Antecedent– situation is created, which leads the patient to behave in a specific manner. Example – bright light or loud noises.
2. Behavior – the reaction to stimulus is noted.
3. Consequence – the consequence could be positive ( to encourage good habits) or negative ( to prevent problematic answers)

Once this is understood, implementation of positive reinforcements becomes easy. Then the parent needs to work on:
• Identify needs – observe what needs to be changed in the child.
• Choose reinforces- the rewards that yield the best results which is further discovered through trial and error.
• Working together– parents, caretaker and therapists must all work together in implementing positive reinforcements and encouraging desirable habits.

Now this therapy works great when combined with ayurvedic supplements, the process of recovery becomes faster and easier. The ayurvedic herbs increase the cognitive and intellectual abilities of the child.

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