What are the benefits of various Panchkarma therapies?

Panchkarma offers huge number of benefits to Body, Mind and Soul. These include the followings.

  • Riddance of toxins: Panchkarma helps in riddance of toxins from the body. Vaman therapy helps in disposing the poisons from the body tissue through oleation and fomentation which melts and accumulates the toxins in the upper cavity of the human body and enables vomiting to dispose the poisons from the body tissues. Virechan helps in purgation and disposal of toxins through clearing of the bowel. Both these methods help in purifying the body of toxins.
  • Speeding up the metabolism:- Panchkarma helps in speeding up the metabolism. Virechan therapies help in clearing the bowels and eliminating toxins out of the body. This increases hunger and ability of the body to digest food. This type of therapy is helpful in herpes, jaundice, colitis, celiac infection etc.
  • Reducing weight and enhancing digestive fire:- Panchkarma helps in effective management of the body weight. It helps in clearing guts through Virechan therapy Also the Vaman therapy helps in accumulating upper cavities of the body which is moved out of the body through emetic medicines and decoction which enables vomiting. Panchkarma helps in enhancing the digestive fire by cleaning guts and removing toxins. This way the digestion improves within the body with no toxins.
  • Relaxing the mind and body:- Panchkarma helps in in clearing and purging the head area by application of Nasya therapy. The nasal drops are regulated in both the nostrils which helps in cleansing the whole head area and results in diminishing the cerebral pain, sleep disorder, neurological disorders, headaches etc. This also helps in relieving stress from mind and body.
  • Rejuvenation of tissues:- Panchkarma helps in dealing with Vata dominated conditions such as arthritis, piles and constipation through application of Basti therapy. The use of home grown decoctions, ghee, milk and oils are managed into the rectum so that the rejuvenation of the tissues can be attained. This also helps in boosting immunity of the body.
  • Purifies the blood:- Panchkarma helps in purifying the body from impure blood. The Raktamokshan therapy in Panchkarma helps in cleaning the blood by applying leeches on the body parts which sucks the impure blood. This kind of treatment specially helps in healing different skin infections such as Dermatitis, Psoriasis, local lesions such as pigmentation and abscesses.
  • Opens up block channels:- Panchkarma helps in opening up the block channels. Through the Panchkarma therapies and application of the oleation and fomentation therapies helps to loosen up toxins stuck in the cell and flush them out of the body.