What to do after Panchkarma?

Getting the Panchkarma therapies, the first week or two are critical. There are number of recommendations to ensure smooth transition of the body from Panchkarma routine to normal routine. These include the following:-


It is recommended to follow diet as prescribed by the Panchkarma consultant and dietician for one to two weeks. This will help in keeping up with the pace of changes and benefits that are expected from the Panchkarma facilities.


It is recommended to drink about 3 to 4 cups of hot water on daily basis so that maximum of the health benefits attained through Panchkarma can be retained for a longer time period.


It is recommended to exercise daily and participate in an activity so that the body could stay healthy for a longer period of time. The activities include daily walk, playing games which a person can manage as part of daily activity.

Daily Routine:

It is recommended to incorporate new and healthy routine which would support the radical changes in body, mind and consciousness. The daily routine of eating food on time, low fat and highly nutritious food items are to be followed. In addition to that the self-discipline in eating regarding avoiding sweets, oily and junk foods should be strictly followed. This will help in improving digestion, absorption and assimilation that will create self-esteem, peace, happiness and longevity.


It is recommended to apply daily self-massage with sesame oil and other suggested mixtures. This will help in continuation of the smooth transition process that follows after the detoxification and rejuvenation process applied during Panchkarma therapies.

It is recommended to follow Panchkarma therapies on regular or seasonal basis. That is getting panchkarma therapies every four to six months can help in keeping up with the benefits.